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This is my pre-Thanksgiving update. I really don't have much worth talking about. A lot of boring little things, like working on a new manuscript while tackling a (scary) revision letter for DEAD RIVER, but that's about it. Around this time every year, my mind becomes a muddle of gift ideas for people on my list, and I really can think of nothing else, so it should be fun trying to revise a book and write another one during this time.

TOUCHED is now up for pre-order on Amazon.  So you know, you can get all that pesky ordering out of the way now, and you will be all set. One less thing to worry about.   But PLEASE, remember, if you are going to buy it, the author's name is CYN BALOG. I don't want you accidentally buying a copy of TOUCHED by a certain former Penn State coach that you will undoubtedly regret owning.

Oh, STARSTRUCK has a not-too-horrible review in SLJ in December. I think it says something about Dough's narration being entertaining.  And it says that fans of fairytale romances will like it.  I can't help it, I'm a romantic. I like happy endings. And so I usually write them. There is too much depressing crap in the world.  So I say, Long Live the Happily Ever After!!! Who's with me??

I will be spending Thanksgiving at my parents' house, and a big topic of conversation will be THE WALKING DEAD, since I got both my mom and my sister hooked on it!  I am not sure if I want to see the next week's episode, though, since I was alerted to some spoilers online and don't like where it's going. One thing that I hate is violence against children. I've thrown books across the room that have had gratuitous violence against kids. When Carl got shot, I started hyperventilating. And the whole thing with Sophia... if what I think is going to happen, happens??  I will be a mess for weeks.  I suppose it is not gratuitous, that it fits very well in the story, but still... ugh.

Then, of course, we will partake of Black Friday shopping. I do every year, as it's the only day I actually have TIME to shop. So many people are scared to death of Black Friday, but here's a little secret.  Because so many people feel that way, and because a lot of stores are now open at midnight Friday or ON Thanksgiving.... Black Friday is not really that crowded.  I kid you not. We usually wake up at 5 or so, head to the stores, and get done by noon... and it's never that much more crowded that a normal Saturday at the mall. Plus there are awesome deals. But maybe I shouldn't have told you that.  Because that XBOX is ALL MINE!  (Kidding. I really want the Wii.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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